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2 Of My Favorite Wedding Barns In Indianapolis

Barns around Indianapolis have become increasingly popular as a part of weddings for the past couple of years, especially with the rise of the popular website Pinterest

giving brides and grooms to be some great ideas. Many couples choose to have afternoon weddings at barns so that they can use the outdoor property to play games before sitting down for lunch, but The Barn at Kennedy Farm and The Barn of Coatesville are just as stunning at night as it is in the warm sunlight.

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Talk about great wedding Barns! This is one of our favorite just outside of Indianapolis.

When it comes to the Kennedy Farm, for a reasonable flat fee, a couple has access to the entire 40 acre property for ten hours, giving everyone more than enough time to enjoy everything that Kennedy Farm has to offer. The best part is that they can accommodate any party size, from small and intimate up to 250 seated guests. There are bride and groom’s towers, atop a three story structure where everyone can get ready while keeping the couple apart for those who abide by the tradition of the groom not seeing his bride on the wedding day until she is at the altar.

Kennedy Farm also has access to all kinds of different wedding decor, depending on what kind of wedding you want. Whether you want low key or elegant, they are able to decorate to your desire. They also offer a helpful list of vendors that you can work with, and you are not required to book anyone specific through them, which gives you a lot of freedom. The whole barn is comfortable, offers bathroom facilities and a memorable experience for both the couple being married and their friends and family.

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The Barn of Coatsville! Is one of our favorite venues just outside of Indianapolis.

The Barn of Coatesville is a relatively new property that is offering weddings at their location. The property offers lots of shade with leafy trees dotting the land and makes for beautiful photos. The wedding team are more than happy to help couples from set up until the very last guest leaves, and they are very informative. Some decor is available and options for how long the property can be rented for events is available as well, especially for couples who do not need to book a location for as long as ten hours for a wedding and reception.

Rustic locations are fantastic at any time of the year; they do not have to be reserved simply for summer weddings. In fact, some couples have winter weddings at these types of rustic locations not only to save a little bit of money, but to see the beauty that the winter weather can bring to a rustic property. Inside the barn is warm and inviting, lit with golden lighting and guests can sip on seasonal drinks like mulled wine or apple cider.

With a barn wedding just outside of Indianapolis, the possibilities are endless, and couples can be sure that seeing a barn location in person will only spark their inspiration and creativity even more. 

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